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Day one: Tuesday 24 November 2015

Opening and Keynote: Session 1.1
The next frontier in Nigeria’s extractive industries – recreating the solid minerals industry as a leading driver of Nigeria’s economic and social growth

Seen as a sleeping giant, the Nigerian solid minerals sector is going through a period of awakening, with less than 0.5% contribution to the GDP, the change in focus is one that should significantly grow this figure. Under the ground, the resources are there, the need comes in the form of investment and the correct skills in order to exploit the potential that lies within the region. Some of the predicted improvements on current affairs in the economy which encourage growth are infrastructure, safety, and government policies.


  • Overview  regarding the latest state of the solid minerals sector –direction and needs in order to thrive
  • Can the awakening mining industry match the rapidly growing local economy?
  • Pressing current affairs and the policies looking to rectify them
  • Why now? Reasons why a West-African giant is shifting focus back on a recently  neglected sector
Refreshment break and networking

Sesion 1.2
What’s in the ground? A detailed overview of Nigeria’s geology, mineral deposits and the licensing process

A country filled with mineral resources, Nigeria has large deposits of coal, bitumen, limestone, iron ore, barites, l ead, zinc and Gold. The previous government had achieved 100% aerial geo-physical survey of the country, with data existing at the ministry of mines and steel development for would be miners. However, this does not provide reliable details of the estimated quantity of the nation’s solid minerals which can only be achieved by more detailed geo-science data gathering. Licencing issues such as the who, what, where, how issue will also be revised which takes you through the practical side of starting your potential investment.

  • What lies beneath- what minerals and estimated quantities lie within each region?
  • Start to finish description of the licensing process and how to get your foot in the door
  • Geo-surveys-what has been done and what is still to come?

Session 1.3
What investors are looking for – overview of the legal framework and incentives

This session seeks to answer the pressing questions over the legal setup and addresses the talking points within the system. Any investor, local or foreign needs to effectively understand the legal framework in order to move forward in a profitable and ethically correct manner, in this session, steps are taken to ensure these are communicated. 

  • An inside look at the figureheads in the legal framework and what they’re responsible for
  • Regulations old and new-a look at the legal influences on the solid minerals sector
  • Identifying gaps in the implementation of mining regulation
  • Focus on compliance
  • Financial statement impact and payments of taxes and royalties
Refreshment break and networking

Session 1.4
Available financial support for a growing industry

Multinational corporations have been reluctant to fund major mining projects in Nigeria as a result of the long period of inactivity, and the slow implementation of the reform agenda in the sector. Recent progress is expected to stimulate activities by new investors in the sector. The session also addresses the need for capital and gives best advice on accessing asset finance.

  • Financial assistance-where to look for the financial help of funding an investment
  • What will work in the Nigerian context?
  • What financiers require
Day two: Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Session 2.1
Solving the power infrastructure crisis: the solid minerals link

The well-known issues around the lack of power make this topic an essential one in the greater scheme of a potential investment. At 5500MW current capacity Nigeria is in need of investment and alternative strategies/methods in producing power that can supplement and match the ambition the Mining sector is showing. One of these alternative sources is Coal, coincidently Nigeria has an abundance of the mineral on it’s very doorstep.

  • Coal-is the ingredient to greater Power capacity right on the Nigerian doorstep?
  • A review of current projects and future power generating plans
  • Case study of the Tanzanian example of coal to power
Refreshment break and networking

Session 2.2
Infrastructure and transport requirements for mining in Nigeria

This session addresses the critical issues and linkages between transport infrastructure, port access and road and rail development with mining.

  • Alternatives to the traditional railway method-what are they?
  • Identifying the infrastructure needs in order to run a successful mining operation
  • A reversed look-What mining can do for the Nigerian infrastructure
  • Prompting operators to develop the transport system-additional incentive possibilities

Session 2.3
Insights on developing the sector from Miners’ perspectives

It is impossible to develop the Nigerian Mining sector without the input of miners, who are currently at the forefront of experiencing the challenges in the sector, and have continued to operate in this sector. How have the miners been operating, what are the challenges being experienced, how can improvement be achieved in the shortest possible time. This panel session aims to air the views of the Nigerian Miners on the challenges faced operating in the Nigerian Mining sector space and how this can be improved. The session will also showcase a snap shot of existing operators and licenses and assess their progress.

  • A review of key challenges operating in the sector, what has hindered the synergy between government institutions and private operators
  • A snap shot of existing operators and licenses; progress made so far
  • An assessment of security and insurgency, and its impact on operating in the sector
  • Environmental and social impact of a developing mining sector
  • Challenges in meeting statutory responsibilities, payment of taxes and royalties
  • Expectations from the government 
Refreshment break and networking

Session 2.4
Bringing it all together – next urgent steps for developing the sector 

Assessing the discussions of the 2 day session, and key points and issues brought to the fore. The session is to recap the purpose of the Nigerian Mining Forum and highlight expectations from the government and private sector players. The idea is not just to discuss, but follow the discussion with action. The session will stress follow up activities to be tracked and progress will be re-assessed in the next summit. The session will also look at the existing Nigerian Mining and solid minerals roadmap assessing its progress against set targets