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Latest Conference Brochure available

The iPAD Nigeria Mining Forum, in partnership with PwC, Conference Brochure is now available. See our full list of speakers and advisory board members by downloading it now.

The iPAD Nigeria Mining Forum, in partnership with PwC, opens the door to an exclusive networking opportunity for serious investors, mining operators, finance houses and multilateral investors as well as technology solution providers who are seeking a new market and new clients for mineral exploration and extraction.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics report Nigeria realised 182.94 billion naira from mining between 2010 and 2012.

This figure is set to increase drastically as mining infrastructure improves in the countries regions. 

This is your opportunity to learn, invest and become a market leader in the Nigerian mining sector.


Nigerian mining sector can
create 3 million direct and
indirect jobs in 2015

Nigerian mining sector
currently contributes
04% of the GDP

4 foreign companies
were recently granted
gold licences to mine

Over 50 foreign
operate in the Nigerian mining sector

Produce 3 million tonnes
of liquid steel per
annum by 2015

Ministry of Mines and Steel:
Mining sector will account
for 10% of GDP by 2020

Nigeria secured foreign
bilateral agreement to
boost the mining sector

Nigeria has about
44 varieties of minerals
in over 500 locations

Nigeria achieved airborne
geophysical coverage of
the entire country